Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas Adventures

Even though Christmas has now come and gone and the house seems so very empty with only hubby and me here, we have lots of memories this year. Both of our daughters and one son were able to make it home for the holiday. We played games and cooked and did all the normal stuff that families do. Then, Christmas Eve just before 5 PM, the electricity went out. Of course, a winter storm was predicted and we knew it, but being optimistic, we just went about doing our own thing. We just put a little more wood on the fire and called the electric company. Power to be restored in two hours, or so the automated system said. So we played charades and ate goodies and waited for two hours, and then three and then four. To make a long story short, we waited all night and more. The son at home could check out the status of the repairs on his phone but mostly the answer was power will be restored in two hours. Oh, and there were nine people at my house!

Our son even began making croissants by candlelight! Now that is having faith that the oven would work the next day!

Now no power can be lived with when you have a heat source. But when we got up the next morning, we were also without water. With nine people at home, that becomes a bigger issue. We brought in buckets of snow to melt, but the melting is a long process, and do you know what you get from a big bucket of snow? About an inch of water and it takes FOREVER to melt.

And in just a little while, the telephone went out of service also. We really don't know what happened there, because after about eight hours it came back on without having contacted anyone about the problem.

Our son in law suggested that we all go to his parents house to celebrate Christmas because there was power there. And although we resisted as long as possible, it finally became obvious that this option would be the best-we had thawed raw turkey and a prime rib to think about, plus all the side dishes that were started and ready to put in the oven. So we packed up the gifts and were just getting ready to put everything in the vehicles when the miracle of the day happened and the electricity came back on! So everything was unpacked and we began the process of starting the meal and getting cleaned up as the water came back on too!

During the morning after we had light and heat again, we opened the curtain to the sliding glass door and found an interesting snow sculpture on the glass. First my sister said we had an angel on the door, but then we decided that we had an eagle for Christmas.

On a whim about a week and a half ago, I made all of the ladies aprons. Guess it is not working out too well to have five ladies in the kitchen at the same time!

Guess we made up after all.
And when we weren't looking, the croissants came out of the oven. Not bad for only the second time making these beauties!

When it came time for gift exchanging, I had everyone open this particular gift at the same time. That way, no ones surpise was spoiled. Last July, I made one of these wall hangings for myself, and thought it would be a great gift for everyone on my list.

This last one had to wait until today as my oldest son couldn't make it out on Christmas day because of snow and ice covered highways.

I hope everyone enjoyed Christmas this year. It will be one to remember!