Tuesday, June 16, 2009

It's been awhile since I took the time to write in my blog. Always hoping to do more! Work it seems takes up a lot of time.

Last month I finished table topper-in Pink! Guess that one will be for me.I don't have a picture of that one yet, but will post it later. I also finished the Christmas piece that is called "Over the Edge".

It is to go on the edge of a table such as a buffet. My thought was for it to go on the fireplace mantel, but our mantel is shorter in depth than the piece is. I like it anyway, or maybe it will turn into a Christmas gift. One never knows!

Here is a picture of the whole piece, so you can see that a few rows do hang over the mantle. We have a table that is meant to go behind a sofa that it could live on at Christmas instead of the mantle.

Of course we quilter never have just one project going, and I have been working on several BOM's.

We are now on block four of a black and white quilt that has brights as the accent pieces in them. When I say we, my 83 year old Mother goes to this monthly meeting with me and is sewing up blocks, too.

I also joined the Applewood BOM which is called "Now and Forever". This block has lots of appliqued roses and sweet peas. This will be a challenge, but I just loved the pictures of the prospective quilt.

Here are the first two months blocks. The third month was making applique roses. I have a few of those done. My goal was to do one a day for a couple of weeks, but that only lasted one day! ROFL! I spent one whole evening getting some for pay work done and I guess that took precedence. Fourth month were green blocks and those are done, but now it is time for the fifth month so will post pictures of the last four at the same time.

The first weekend in June, my husband and I went on the "Motor Ioway 500" tour. He likes vintage autos, and I like them, too, but don't feel comforable driving one-have never been very good with stick shift vehichles. But this car shouts out that it is "ME". Can you see why?
So one of these is on my 'want' list. But then a convertible is on that list, too.

That's it for tonight. See you again soon!