Sunday, March 28, 2010

Time to Catch Up!

You know how it goes-first one thing, then the other keeps you from posting on the Blog. I can blame my absence on Snow and Ice, Work and Play, but really sometimes you just let time get away! I have been creating even though the posting wasn't being done. And yes, all those things listed were reasons, but we are going to try to get caught up soon.
The first thing to report as finished are two more Scrap Sacks (for catching threads and scraps as you are sewing).

One of these is for Mom because she LOVES the fabric and it is much prettier than the one she bought several years ago. And you can always use two! The second one will be donated to the International Doll Makers Association for their helpers.

The pillowcase project is going along well. I presented the pillowcase instructions to the Stuart Quilt Club and we worked on them at our last meeting. Today one of the members gave me four more to add to the stash. Below is a picture of the last set I made. Just couldn't resist getting the horse fabric. It is so easy to find pretty floral and girlie fabric, but making cases for boys is harder.

The doll dresses I have been working on are all finished, too! The Bleuette and Rosette Valentine dresses turned out just like I had hoped.

Bleuettes coat looks very good, although I would make some changes if I were to make it again.

This year the Heartland Dollers monthly project is to make a new apron for Bleuette every month. Sorry to say, I am behind, but I hope to get caught up sometime. The January meeting was held here and here is the apron pattern that I provided for the ladies.

This last picture is of all the dolls that were at the meeting for show and tell. The two dolls in the middle of the front are wearing the February apron. The pink apron next two them is the March challenge apron, in the back row we have the January apron on the doll in light pink plus my white one. I hope that next month we will see many more aprons from all the months.

I'll let this be all for now. Mom is coming and we will be making the last block for our BOM from the Quilt Block. The hardest thing this month will be to decide on a setting for these very bright and colorful blocks.

We'll talk later!