Sunday, November 14, 2010

A Quilt for Ian

Something I wanted to do for Ian was to make him a quilt. Now I have liked quilts for some time, but this is something I was not doing at the time of older grandson Hunters birth. I looked for sometime for a pattern that I thought Ian's Mom would like, and then I had to find fabric-and that was even harder. What I finally found was a batik print of farm animals in bright pastels. The unfortunate part was that there was only a fat quarter available. So that meant rethinking the pattern. But it all worked out with this pattern.
And of course there needed to be a label on the back so that maybe someday Ian could pass the quilt down to his own son as a family heirloom! You can see the animal print a little better in this picture that was the starting point.

Here is a closer look at the quilt--

And while in the quilt making mode, could not resist a fleece blanket to match the wild animal quilt that went out for Kari's baby shower.

This one should be big enough for his big boy bed in a couple of years. (Grandma's like to think ahead!)

That's all for now. Enjoy!


We have a new Grandson!

Husband Steve and I have just returned from a trip to California to visit our daughter, son in law, and new grandson Ian. What a trip! Not nearly long enough and next visit will to far away. It was very hard to leave everyone behind.
Here he is! Little Ian David

Ian was born Oct 21, 2010

and weighted 7 lbs 15 ozs
And what a handsome boy he is!

Grandpa and Grandma both enjoy holding him. In fact, Grandma was named the official burper while visiting.

Can't wait to see Kari, Matt, and Ian again!


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

More Tablerock

Many years ago when we first came to Tablerock Lake a friend of my parents told them about a place where he had hooked up a ski rope and you could run along a rock ledge and swing out over the water to jump into the lake. This has been a favorite activity ever since. We had to introduce Ben to this spot. He and Kim took a couple of runs off the ledge.

Jumping off the boat--

And swimming from the boat to the ledge----

Getting ready to take the run and jump--

And the swing---

Doesn't Daddy Steve look relaxed here? He waited a long time for this vacation to come and enjoyed every minute of it!

What a day on the Lake. Wish there could be more just like this one!

Tablerock Lake, Branson, Missouri

We vacationed again this year at Stormy Point Village at Branson, Mo. We really love being on the water of Tablerock Lake. Two years ago the weather was very fallish with cool temperatures and rain. This year more than made up for that! We had warm, sunny weather with temps in the 80's. Loved it.
My birthday was during vacation week and we celebrated with a small cake. I'm not telling how many candles should have been on the cake, but this was plenty to get lighted! They melted FAST!
The first weekend our daughter Kim and her DH Ben came and spent a couple of days with us.

They enjoyed the water as did Grandma Charlene.

And we had plenty of good food!

More in a bit!


Out the front door

Many times we can see great sunrises and rainbows out the front door. Just thought I would share a few! Enjoy!

More IDMA Convention!

This beautiful home was open for us to tour. I love Victorian homes and would love to live in one, but I bet they take an awful lot of upkeep!

The Arizona Doll Museum is just around the corner from the Victorian Home and we spent alot of time looking at all the wonderful dolls. There was a great variety from antique to fairly modern dolls.

We saw lots of interesting landscapes, too. So different from what we see daily.
This doll was in the competition at the convention and was voted viewers choice. Quite striking.

Catching Up-Again

Last July, three friends and I went to the International Dollmakers association convention in Scottsdale, AZ. As usual we drove to the convention. Just no way we could get there on a plane. We have toooo much stuff. We all signed up to take the "Specialty" class where we painted, dressed, and coiffed a French Fashion doll. Her costume was a two piece beaded Victorian wedding gown. And while I am still beading on my dress, I think the other three have theirs completed.

This picture shows how hard we concentrate on the task at hand. Hardly a spoked word to be heard here!

And here is the Class instructor Joyce Murch demonstrating a painting technique. We did have the option of purchasing a painted head from Joyce if we did not want to do the painting ourselves. Of course, I wanted to "Do It All", so I did both, purchased a head and painted a head.

We worked at this project from 8-12 each morning and from 1-5 each afternoon. And if there was not a function to attend in the evening, we worked in our rooms as well.

Here are the four of us with our Specialty Class dolls right before the closing banquet.

Here is our instructor Joyce with all the dolls at the closing banquet. Quite a nice display of dolls.
Hope you enjoy these pictures!