Thursday, December 27, 2012

Easy Street Part 4

It's been a busy week with Christmas being celebrated on Saturday the 22nd. Three of the kids were home for the holiday with two and a spouse here for more than one day. That has cut down on the time available to spend on Easy Street. Mom Charlene has been working on her four patches and now has them all done. She has started on her first set of flying geese also.

Sister Karen traveled to Tennessee to see her daughters and grandkids and has not been able to work on hers this week.

I have gotten a few blocks made and and also trying to catch up on some of the past clues. Can't hardly wait until tomorrow for the next clue. I should be able to work on it!

Here is a picture of my Clue 5 blocks-

See you again next week!


Thursday, December 20, 2012

Easy Street Part 4

It has been another busy week! All three of us have been working on Easy Street, (click her to see Bonnie Hunter's latest mystery) just on different parts of the Mystery.

Mom Charlene is still making 4-patches, but the last 50 cut now and ready to sew. We discovered there was not enough teal fabric and went looking for more yesterday. Here are the last of her 4" squares.

Sister Karen had to make a Christmas trip to see her girls and grandchildren but she has her flying geese cut and ready to sew-

My own flying geese are nearly done. All 64 only need the last wing sewn on. Yes, there are pins, but the reason for that is my sewing machine is living at my moms during the holiday season. I like to keep my sewing out where I can get to it easily, and that can't happen when you are having company all the time. So the pins are there to keep everything in place while I travel to her home to sew.

See you next week!


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Easy Street Part 3

What fun it has been working on Bonnies Mystery Easy Street. Check out everyones progress at Easy Street.

Now Karens and my Mom Charlene has decided to join the group. We searched out fabrics for her last Friday. Here is what she chose--

She is working on her 4-patches-here they are:

Sister Karens Birds in the Air patches are here:

And of course, there are my Birds in the Air patches.

I don't have the required amount yet, but like everyone else, my life has been busy with hosting meetings, choir practice, church and other obligations. Hopefullly next week will slow down a little. Maybe that is wishful thinking!

See you next week with Part 4 link-up!

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Easy Street Week 2

128 Flying Geese! Well, I'm almost halfway there-62 finished. Sister Karen is doing Easy Street, too. She's a little further along than me. Here's our pictures!

Judy's Flying Geese

Judy's Four Patches

Karen's Four Patches

Karen's Flying Geese

Easy Street Link-Up Part 2