Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Table Runner for Summer

One of my quick projects started before going to Kansas City was a table runner. The pattern was a freebie with the purchase of a fabric kit. (It is now available to purchase at your favorite quilt shop.)Take a look at the cool fabric I found to use for summer. Don't you just love the fresh water, boats, and houses? The fabric has four repeats going lengthwise down the piece.

When you use a 60 degree triangle ruler to cut wedges off the end, then you get this design. The leftover wedges can then be made into a table mat or used for the ends of another runner with the design looking in instead of out. This is easy to make and with three more pattern repeats, something else interesting will be coming along.

Since I have several other things to accomplish today, I will sign off for now. Have a great day!


PS: The Pattern is called "Easy Striped Table Runner" By Karen Montgomery and put out by Timeless Treasures.

Kansas City-Weston Trip

Lots has been happening-the best of which was a trip to Kansas City to see daughter Kim and her husband Ben. The first night there we enjoyed beautiful weather and grilling outdoors.

On Friday Steve and I went to the 1/2 Price Book store and found some goodies. Steve found a civil war book and I found lots of quilting books for a very reasonable price. It was hard not to buy them all!
Later we went to the River Market area and browsed through a four story antique mall. Lots and lots of things there. I found a table topper quilt book, a pattern book that will be adaptable for my wire display rack, a hot pad, and a handkerchief. Not sure where the book will reside since my coffee table is filled with plants and has been for a long time.

We spent Friday evening with Kim and Ben and had another great dinner-Kim fixed Shepherds pie. We had never had that,or at least not called that.
Saturday we went to the small town of Weston which is known for its old brewery. We had lunch at the restaurant there and then took the tour. The old brewery was built underground with the lowest level being where they brewed lager, the next higher level was for ale. Now of course, they use modern techniques. We were also served samples of their beer at an underground restaurant.

Later in the afternoon we visited an antique show being held in Weston, too. Lots of things were there, but not too much that tripped the trigger. I found Kim some dish towels that she will use.
At a local shop, I found an antique doll that I should have bought. Unfortunately I cannot remember the name of the shop. The pricing was certainly fair, though. I did buy a potholder there which I will use for decoration. It is crocheted and looks like something my Aunt Maude would have made back in the 1950's.
Later that night we watched the movie about Julia Child and the other Julie who made all of the recipes in Julia Child's cookbook in one year. Pretty good.
Guess that is all for now! Talk again soon!