Sunday, January 13, 2013

Easy Street-Last Link Up

Here it is almost the middle of January and we are all still assembling our Easy Street blocks. I wish I could say that one of us has a top pieced, but we are not there yet.

This first picture is of Mom Charlene's blocks that are finished. Her quilt is going to look very different because of her color placement. At this time we have 5 of block A and 1 of block B.

My version is the same as Bonnie's as I was to chicken to try another color scheme. I do like the layout so someday may make another quilt with different colors.

Karen has not made much progress since going to see her daughters. Soon she will have blocks, too.

This has been a wonderful experience and thank Bonnie very much for making the plans and clues for us to follow along.

Click here to see all the other wonderful "Easy Street" Quilts that are being made!
Easy Street Final

Thanks Again, Bonnie. I will be joining you again for another mystery!


Beth said...

Love the colors on both of these. It is so fun to look at all the postings and see how fabulous this pattern looks no matter the colors.

Beth said...

The colors are GREAT! It is so fun to see all the different color combinations! Catch you next year

Janet O. said...

nciptheBonnie's colors make a beautiful quilt, no denying that. But I have to say, I am partial to batiks and that first photo really caught my eye!